Sunday, April 20, 2014

Take a Moment

Living in a sort of  'paradise'  here as I do, where the sun and surf, fine weather and pleasure reign supreme, it can be easy to forget  the One who made the sun, the surf, and indeed, the weather itself!
Usually over Easter it actually pours down with rain. It is very unusual to have any of the glorious sunshine that we are, well, almost famous for. But not this year. The days have been so clear, so warm and simply perfect for the hundreds of holiday makers that flock into our little haven each Easter. 

As I sit in the sunshine and reflect on the true meaning of Easter, I notice how easily our culture has largely turned from the Creator to the creation. We  so often forget the One who  made us and longs for relationship with us. God Himself gave up His dearest treasure so that we could be forgiven of our sins and live in union with Himself, complete and whole. As I think of Jesus, I am overwhelmed by His great love for me, one who knows me intimately and still loves me.  As I think of Jesus, I cannot imagine my life without Him. He gives strength to the weak, courage to the timid, faith to the doubtful, love to the unloved and hope to the hopeless. 

This Easter, I encourage you to remember Jesus. In between the chocolate and the sunshine, take a moment to think about the Author of life and all He has done for you.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Pink milk & cookies

 It has been quite a year this year! Not only have we said farewell to our oldest son as he ventures out of the nest to embrace his future, but our darling youngest baby has just turned two! Not a big deal to a lot of people I guess, but when you have been pregnant and birthing babies for almost twenty years, this is a milestone indeed! Not  so much having a two year old, but having a two year old and not being pregnant with the next one!!!! This is  a first for Mama Bear.

A lot to process.

I am continually reminded that life is fluid, and things don't stay the same for long. Children grow, family dynamics change, relationships change. Nothing seems to stay the same for long. Just when you think you have figured out how to deal with toddlers or teenagers, they grow and change a little bit more and throw new things at you that you don't quite know how to deal with.

Our baby has turned two. 

A lot of my friends are on the cusp of empty nests. They are experiencing new found freedom and talk about foreign concepts like overseas travel, climbing mountains, scuba diving, eating out....sleeping!!! While a part of me takes a deep breath and makes a long, silent sigh at the mere thought of more than ten minutes alone to think, I am so incredibly grateful to still have a home full of youngsters. I am still breastfeeding my baby. I am potty training her. I am teaching my 6 year old to read. I am talking to my 14 year old son  about his next Lego creation, I am sitting next to my 17 year old daughter as she learns how to drive.  I am listening to my 8 and 10 year old daughters share their excitement about life. I am disciplining my 4 year old who still thinks it is okay to say 'NO' to her Mama!

I guess you could say I have my hands full. 

And somehow I think that is way better than having them empty. 

I am blessed.